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AGRANA deploys further energy efficiency measures at Gmünd starch factory

CTO Norbert Harringer: "A high-potential pilot project on the path to climate-neutral production"

Date: 26.07.2021

AGRANA Stärke GmbH is a partner in a € 1.2 million research project to develop advanced drying technologies. Drying and dehydration are among the most energy-intensive industrial processes. Within the scope of the Enhanced Drying (EDDY) project of the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund, an innovative infra-red sensor is being developed which directly detects the moisture content of the product during spray drying. In contrast to conventional drying processes relying on humidity sensors, infra-red measurement optimises the use of energy and has the potential to save around 50 % of the fossil-based carbon emissions associated with drying processes. The aim is to deploy this new technology at the Gmünd site from 2024.

“As an energy-intensive processor of agricultural commodities, AGRANA is firmly committed to action aimed at achieving its goal of climate-natural production activities by 2040. The sensor-controlled drying process at the Gmünd site is a pilot project which, if successful and implemented at other sites, will make a contribution to our climate strategy,” emphasises AGRANA CTO Norbert Harringer.

About AGRANA Starch

With a total of five production sites, of which three are located in Austria, in Aschach/Donau, Gmünd and Pischelsdorf, and a further two in Szabadegyhaza (Hungary) and Tandarei (Romania), AGRANA has established itself as a specialist for customised starch applications. AGRANA’s starch segment processes over 300,000 metric tons of potatoes and 2.5 million metric tons of corn and wheat every year.

At Gmünd, Austria’s only potato starch factory, AGRANA manufactures food-grade starches and starches for technical applications such as those in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The facility also processes organic potatoes to make organic starches, organic sweeteners and organic long-life potato products such as purées, potato dough mixes and baby food.

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